23. 10. 2018

Sergison Bates Architects – The Practice of Architecture

Lecture with the architects: 5pm, Tuesday 23 Oct. / Student Church of the Holy Family – Karla IV. 22

Exhibition opening: 7pm, Tuesday 23 Oct. / Gallery of Contemporary Art and Architecture / České Budějovice
Exhibition dates: 24.10. – 22. 11. 2018 - Curator: Michal Škoda

The fall and winter season at the České Budějovice House of Art will be dedicated to contemporary European architecture. The first event in this regard is The Practice of Architecture by Sergison Bates Architects. The studio, which has offices in London and Zurich, was founded in 1996 by Jonathan Sergison (1964) and Stephen Bates (1964), who were joined in 2006 by Mark Tuff.

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